Lisa is a Detroit-­based designer who obtained her B.F.A from the College for Creative Studies in May 2016.

Her work spans multiple platforms but she specializes in creating brand/identity systems, typefaces, and loves to uncover new ways to solve existing problems. Lisa integrates research with experimentation and play to reach informed design solutions to make each project unique. She is passionate about collaborating with others from different design disciplines and is always open to a new challenge.




When we lead with passion, creativity is naturally unleashed through ideas unseen.


Consider every experience an opportuity to learn something new.


You cannot understand the vantage point of others until you have first experienced it yourself.


If you cannot trace a concept back to it’s initial source, that concept has no substance.

05. PLAY

The result of creating without any inhibitions nor judgements.


Design is thoughtfully applying the same principles over and over, through giving form to different ideas.


Critical thinking should derive from a place of design ethos, not ego.


To share ideas we must first define them in the simplest terms.


When we stop challenging our ability to improve, then we have lost faith in our potential.


Find a great mentor, but also mentor others. This will help broaden your own understanding.


Understand your brand: who you are, what you’re about and what you are not about.


Trust your intuition and think for yourself. Only you know the journey your supposed to be on.

Detroit Research
Brand/Identity, Publication Design
Publishers: Alexandrine St. Seminars + College for Creative Studies
Creative Direction: Who’s That?
Layout: Alicia Stocker
Guest Editor: Biba Bell
Editorial Assistance: Marissa Jezak, Jessica Newberry

Detroit Research is a new journal of Art + Criticism. A group of artists and writers from the Alexandrine Street Seminars and College for Creative Studies alumni across the arts of ceramics / choreography / sculpture / post-studio art / social practice / music / performance / and critical theory felt the need for a new journal to capture the exciting historical and emerging arts scene and practices which Detroit has witnessed coming together over the past ten years.

In collaboration with Who’sThat studio I was asked to help completely redesign the Volume Two issue: On Dance. We first set out to redesign a flexible cover template so that for each forthcoming issue, the featured artist’s work could be displayed adequately whilst still maintaining the journals new identity. We chose to create a thick colored border so that inset imagery could be interchanged depending on the subsequent issue’s theme. The volume two publication features a soft, pastel color palette representative of Marie Hermann’s ceramic work and a classically bold wordmark set in Helvetica Neue. We also chose to pay homage to a fellow CCS Graphic Design alumni, Jackson Cavanaugh, by utilizing his Harriet Typeface throughout the publication whilst still maintaining the integrity of the academic text.

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